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21 Road


21 Road is one of the most well-known western slope trails, and recently adopted by the Grand Mesa Jeep Club. It follows Hunter Canyon into the Book Cliffs north of Grand Junction. Large Rocks with multiple lines possible make this a fun trail for a wide variety of 4WD vehicles. This will be run as an out-and-back trail, ending where it starts. It is a short drive from Grand Junction with a large staging area available for tow rigs.


Passing through “the Alcove” where the trail passes under the overhanging rock is like driving through a cave!  Many sections of the trail offer the driver multiple line choices and several optional challenging obstacles await at the end of the trail. This trail is home to the “21 Road Toad” (The Great Basin Spadefoot Toad), adopted by the Grand Mesa Jeep Club.

Minimum Requirements

2 trip options will be offered: 

(1) A Moderate trip that hits the rock sections in the lower canyon and visits the Alcove

(2) A Difficult trip that covers the full length of the canyon and allows drivers to try the optional obstacles at the end.

21 Road to Jeep Lane - Minimum Requirements: 35” tires, winch, 1 locker. This group will follow the canyon up until the point where the trail gets dramatically more challenging at “Jeep Lane” and then turn around a take the easier path out.


21 Road (full trail) – Minimum Requirements: 37” tires, winch, 2 lockers. This group will follow the canyon up to the last of the obstacles and then backtrack and take the easier path out.


Moderate and Difficult trips are offered, with the optional obstacles at the end of the canyon venturing into Extreme territory.  Vehicle body damage is a possibility on all trips.  Flops are also a possibility on the full trail trip.


This trail is close to town and easy to get to.  The trail itself is only around 4 miles long, but plan for a full day of rock crawling.

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